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Diversity and reach

CCA is delighted to partner with the above groups as part of the Recruit in Asia ‘family’. What this means is that we are able to utilize the considerable resources and intellectual capital of our partners should we feel that our clients or job candidate’s best interests may be served by them. We commit to offering the highest possible standards in all our brands that is second to none.

To learn more about becoming part of this innovative, expanding group then please see the Recruitment in Asia website.

Robert - Technology Careers

Technology Careers are happy to partner with Capital Careers Asia and have successfully shared clients and points of contact.

The depth of knowledge of the Banking and Finance markets that their consultants possess has often been of great assistance to us in fully mapping and managing certain recruitment projects.

Corrina - Prime Calibre

Prime Calibre shares a mutually beneficial relationship with Capital Careers Asia and the other members of the group.
Working alongside other well recognised industry specialists, strengthens our position as one of Asia's leading sales and marketing recruitment and retained search consultancies.